June 2014:   Golf Mechanics Optimized!

  • It took 27 years of research and testing!

  • Golfers can now learn OPTIMUM mechanics in as little as 30 days.

  •  Dramatic improvement during your first practice session! 

Richard Brown went from shooting around 100 to a 7 under par 64!

The Greatest Improvement in the History of Golf!  


BAM!  Ball Acceleration Maximizer
• Increase your clubhead speed between 10 and 20 mph in 10 weeks.
• Age is no Barrier - 93 year old increased 18 mph.


MaxSpin Clubs:    MaxSpin: 60-54-48-42-36-30-24-18-18+
                            Optimum Physics Design                  

   May 2013 Left Hand SWOP (Stabilized Wrist On Plane) Grip Discovery (Patent Pending)

With the discovery of  the SWOP grip, any golfer can now keep the forearms, shaft and clubhead on a single plane during the entire stroke.  This allows accuracy and distance that is superior to any stroke mechanics. 

(patent pending) e2e       

Major Discovery Announcement:    
e2e (elbow-2-elbow) is a major breakthrough in golf mechanics.  Unimaginable accuracy and greater distance with 50% less motion than LPG and 90% less motion than traditional.  The physics principle that allowed the discovery was the observation of the 
"Shortening-of-a-radius"  during a lesson.

Because of the last 100 years of false and misleading information by a well meaning but scientifically uneducated group of teachers, it is necessary to have scientific information that shows the majority of their information to be false, misleading, ineffective and sometimes even dangerous.

 The topics on the left will enable you to understand the golf stroke and all of its wonderful intricacies.

Special Note For Military Personnel and Their Families

TO:                  Military Personnel (Active or Retired and their families)

SUBJECT:       Kuykendall Golf program for Military Personnel


The war on terror is the number one threat to our way of life.  I feel there is nothing I can do to really express the gratitude I have for members of the military who place themselves in harms way to protect me and my family.  As an American who would like to support the troops:
 *  I am offering all military personnel a free membership to my website. 
 *  All products will be at 50% off. 


 Just send an email stating that you have served in the military.