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Jack Kuykendall is:

  • Golf’s #1 Scientific Teacher
  • Golf Magazine’s TOP 100 (1996 to 2003)

                                 VIDEO ANALYSIS PROGRAM            

                               Jack want to be your personal teacher  

                     Let Jack help you OPTIMIZE your UNIQUE mechanics

Jack analyzes all types of mechanics:

  • Your unique mechanics
  • Traditional/PGA tour type
  • Jack's Single-Axis Patent (5,803,827); Moe Norman type
  • Lever-Power type
  • E2E type
  • Minimum-Mechanics (golfers with back, shoulder and knee problems) 

Cell phone technology allows for high quality video to be transmitted immediately.  This allows for analysis and optimization of your unique mechanics.

A personal lesson with Jack is $150.  Kuykendall Golf is instituting the following video analysis program for the lowest price imaginable. 

  • Each analysis is just $20.00 (Minimum of 3 @ $60.00). 

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                                   SCIENCE INFORMATION PROGRAM

Scientific Knowledge is a good starting point on a journey to success.  Jack is now offering his 30 years of experience on the following subjects:

    • How the brain creates, stores and excutes motion (Physiologybook)
    • Action Programming, Instruction Generation, Movement Execution, Movement Monitoring (Wet Mind)
    • Time frame for changes in brain patterns to become automatic (Mapping The Mind)
      • Become a feel player - Become a natural athlete
    • Time Frame for changes in brain patterns to become effective in short term memory(Jack Kuykendall's 30 years of teaching experience)
    • White Matter Matters (Scientific America):
      • Starting age to become world class
      • Why starting at a young age is optimum
      • Old geezers can still learn!
      • The age factor in changing brain patterns
    • FEAR (The Emotional Brain)
    • TASK FOCUSED (Learning to control FEAR)
    • Why You Choke
    • TIPS - The Tips Merry-Go-Round
    • Convincing experiment on brain patterns and motion!
      • So You Think You Can Ride A Bicycle!

                The cost for the Neuroscience secgtion is just $20.00



Every golfer has unique mechanics.  No two golfers will or have ever looked identical.  Even though your mechanics are unique, there are FUNDAMENTALS that can be SCIENTIFICALLY observed.  Scientifically is in capital letters.  The majority of analysis in golf magazines and on TV are perceptions and in the majority of cases, the information is misleading or incorrect. The MECHANICS section will cover:

  •   Address ; Take-away ; Top ; Downstroke ; Impact ; Release ; Follow-Through ; High shots ; Low shots ; Draws ; Fades ; How to cure a slice ; Ball placement ; Short game ; Chipping ; Putting ; and more for:                          
  • Traditional/PGA/Tour type mechanics
  • Single-Axis: Jack Kuykendall's patented method (5,803,827); A Moe Norman style mechanics
  • Lever-Power-Golf (LPG)
  • Elbow-to-Elbow (E2E)
  • E2E-SWOP-Baseball
  • Minimum-Mechanics

                                    The cost for the "Mechanics" section is just $20.00


  • ANALYSI OF PLAYER MECHANICS: Appleby, Stuart - Baddeley, Aaron - Bradley, Keegan - Cabrera, Angel - Couples, Freddie - DeChambeau, Bryson - Doyle, Allen - Dufner, jason - Duval, David - Fowler, Rickie -Funk, Fred - Furyk, Jim - Holmes, J.B. - Kim, Anthony - Mahan, Hunter - Mickelson, Phil - Ochoa, Lorena - Oosthuizen, Louis - Park, Inbee - Pettersson, Carl - Reed, Patrick - Sadlowski, Jamie - Simpson, Webb - Stenson, Henrik - Stricker, Steve - Thomas, Justin - Watney, Nick - Watson, Bubba - Westwood, Lee - Yani Tseng 


  • Moe Norman Was My Friend: 
    • Fireside chats (1,2 & 3)
    • Scientific analysis of Moe's mechanics
    • Jack & Moe stories

         Jack Kuykendall and Moe Norman information is just $20.00. 



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                                  REPRODUCIBLE MECHANICS AIDS

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Training Aid Kit:  Alignment/Practice mat - E2E trainer - LPG trainer - GNS - Wall Stroke Trainer - Alignment/Playing mat - Grip

SINGLE-PLANE STROKE TRAINER: Lowest price Single-Plane stroke trainer ever offered.


  • MaxSpins; (80 to 180 yards) a scientific clubhead design that is superior to any tradition head design.
  • Drivers: Offering the latest design for maximum distance:  Testing of numerous heads on a quarterly basis.
  • Fairway Woods: Offering the latest design for maximum distance and ball flight height: Testing of numerous heads on a quarterly basis.
  • BAM: Ball Acceleration Maximizer: Increase your clubhead speed by greater than 10 mph in ten weeks; using progressive overload - established exercise principle for building fast twitch muscles.
  • GRIPS: Jumbo - Midsize - Traditional size:


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